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Contact info | Concrit

Name: Kristen
Mun Journal: mouthofbrass
AIM: MadMadPhineas
Email: kristen [at] spectrumvoid [dot] net
Timezone: MST

Any comments, questions or suggestions on how I play Rei? Leave them here or use one of the contact methods above. Comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled.


025 | Video

[Accidental videos don't happen to Rei often. She makes sure of that by keeping her device in a drawer unless she wants to use it.

Today, though, the device is sitting on what stands in for her dresser, recording Rei at an odd angle as she looks into the mirror above the dresser. She unfolds and puts on a broken, somewhat warped pair of glasses, looking at her reflection.

Though it's hard to see from that angle, words begin to appear in red on her mirror as she looks on.]


[Rei's expression doesn't change. She picks up the device and smacks it against the mirror. Her hand obscures the camera, but there's a crack and subsequent sound of tinkling glass before the feed goes out.]

024 | Action

[Rei is in the music room, sitting on the piano bench while she restrings her viola. She takes her time about it, tuning each new string by ear before moving on to the next.]

023 | Video | Action

[When Rei turns the feed on, the device is a little ways away from her, so the first thing that can be seen is her straightening and withdrawing her hand.

It is very quickly apparent that she's in the kitchen, probably baking, if the ingredients around her are any indication. She's a little messy and her expression is one of vague determination. She stares at the recipe book in front of her as though uncertain about the directions she's being given.

Why is she recording this? Well, it's either a silent invitation to come and eat the cake she's making, should she succeed in finishing it, or it's an equally silent solicitation for help, since she's never baked before in her life.]

022 | Video

[Rei looks at the camera for a moment when the feed starts. Behind her are branches, showing that she's up an apple tree in the orchard. It's difficult to tell from her expression, but she's having second thoughts about addressing the network.




What animals are good pets?


This is in progress. Comment if you should be on here and I missed you.

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021 | Action

[Rei is laying a trap. Walking down the hallway with a waste basket, she's leaving a trail of trash for one of the cleaning robots. The trail leads back to a fairly bare cubicle where she's laid out some tools on the desk. Her comm device is also there, and it might just turn on at different points.

Once she reaches her destination, she sits cross legged in an office chair to wait, with her feet safely up off of the floor where the thing won't be able to shock her. She sits very still and waits patiently, looking at nothing in particular. Just like any good predator.

After the robot finds its way to her, she shoves a filing cabinet over with a loud BANG! to trap the robot inside the cubicle. For a little while, she just "watches" it, but then she gets the tools from the desk and starts to take it apart by feel.]

[ooc: For action tags, just specify which part of this you're action'ing her during. Network tags are also welcome, related or unrelated to this action of the post.]

020 | Action

[Rei is working the late late shift at a seedy diner all by herself. And by seedy diner, I mean the dining room. That somehow employs people for the duration of the event but really isn't that much different, except all gritty and film noir-y.


She'll be closing up in an hour or so, and in the meantime, she's wiping things down and getting ready. Her inner monologue is pretty quiet for the moment, focused on the mundane tasks of work.]

[ooc: Rei's monologue will appear in italics following her normal speech. But um you probably shouldn't expect her to be thinking much more than she actually says most of the time. :||||]

019 | Action

[Rei is roaming the mansion looking for Bagheera. She's carrying a slightly modified communication device tied to a thick cord in one hand and what looks like a smoothie in the other.

Occasionally she stops and just leans on the wall or sits on the stairs, drinking her smoothie and looking around.

All tags are welcome.]

018 | Video

[Rei's room is much brighter than normal. An entire wall has been replaced with a view of green fields leading up to distant mountains set against a sky so blue it almost hurts to look at. The floor seems to drop off into thin air and clouds drift past, sometimes edging into the room proper.

The camera is set up on some surface opposite this landscape and Rei is standing to one side, near the edge of the floor, facing it, her face hidden by her hair and the angle at which she's standing. A breeze from "outside" the room ruffles her skirt as she stands and watches the clouds pass by.]